The Cave – July Update

Hey everyone,

It is with a very heavy heart that I must announce that the Cave will NOT be updated in July.

I’ve just had exams and a s*it ton of assignments thrown at me and no time to go and concentrate on the Cave.

I’ve just gotten back to writing and getting used to things.

So, I hope you guys understand and I am terribly sorry for this!


The Cave isn’t going to always be updated, but I am hoping for next month so that I can take a break in September since it’s semester month.

Keep an eye here for updates.

Much love.




Widbook cover


Missed ‘The Cave’s’ update in June which had the new version of SS’ prologue? Fret not!

The prologue is now up on Widbook!

Link –

Check it out now and let me know what you think!


P.S Did you know that SS’ old version had no prologue? Well, if you’re an old fan you would know.

P.P.S Widbook looks MUCH BETTER than Wattpad. Better layouts.


The Cave – June Update!


Here is presenting to you, the very first update of The Cave!


This page will be open only for two days, and will close on 22nd June, i.e, Monday at 3 pm, my time. [Indian Standard Time]

Remember, NO copying whatever is inside there or I swear I will lose my calm and NEVER share anything every again. This is something I am doing for my loyal fans, not copy cats and cheats.

The password to the Cave for this month is the date that started it all i.e, the date Simon Says was published on Wattpad and that was exactly two years ago.


Please don’t enter the wrong password multiple times as you might get locked out.

Also, I hope you like what I have to offer and stay tuned for The Cave’s next update in July!


The Cave is now CLOSED till July!

The official date for The Cave’s entry in July will be announced in the first or second week of July!


Q and A for The Cave – Special Update.

Hey everyone,

So this is a special update regarding The Cave which is my new project to get highlights, teasers and insights of my projects to you.

Many of you still have questions, so I am going to try and answer them to the best of my abilities, one.more.time.


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Welcome to The Cave!

Happy June! It’s great to be back!

Anyway, I have something new and exciting for you all!

It’s been a while since anyone has seen my writing – myself included – so I wanted to do something for my loyal fans.

So here is presenting THE CAVE!

Welcome to the cave – a place not for dreams, but nightmares.


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12 Signs You Might be a Writer

How many of you can relate to this?

E. latimer

Afraid you might be a writer? You are not alone, there are many others with this difficult condition. Here are some signs and symptoms to look out for:

1) Frequent Daydreaming.

You may drift away in the middle of an important lecture at work, or phase out in the middle of a boring conversation. You can’t help but dream up fantastic, twisting plots and heroic protagonists whenever you get a spare second. People may accuse you of not listening, or having your head in the clouds.

2) Everyone is a Potential Character.

You stare for too long at that old bag lady walking by with her shopping cart, and your knobby-kneed neighbor makes you jerk your little notepad out of your pocket and start scribbling. Strange people fascinate you, and every word out of their mouths is whisked away into your memory bank for future dialogue.

3) You Spend More…

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