Simon Says… ‘He’s back!’

This is NOT a joke! Simon is really back to kick some ass!

I am so glad to announce that Simon has officially returned to Wattpad after a really long break!

The decision was made to start afresh and so, you can check out Simon Says’ NEW VERSION right here.

Thank you for being such amazing people and being so enthusiastic about SS’ new version.  Hope you all love it as much as you loved the old SS.

Lots of love,
Lee and Simon.




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Too lazy to read on Widbook, or missed the Cave’s first update? I have something for ya!

SS’ new version summary and prologue is now available on Wattpad!!

Thank you to the constant support and for blowing up my notifications and emails in less than two minutes!

Read up and vote if you still love Simon and Ally aka #Silly!

Muaaah to all you Maniacs!

Lots of love,
Lee x