About Me


I’m Leanne, or mostly known as Lee. A 21 year old from Mumbai, India who aspires to be either a writer, or a research historian – maybe even both.

If I would define myself, I’d say that I am a reader,  writer, beach lover, History Graduate who also has a PhD in Procrastination. I might also be an assassin, but you didn’t see anything. Shhh…

I love any book which is dark, mysterious, thrilling, horrifying, has lots of angst, blood, murder and hot, bad men.

I haven’t published any book yet, but hope to someday . But that will happen when I don’t get distracted so much and will stop procrastinating. (Like that’s going to happen)

Till then, I will be writing whichever one of my mysterious characters speak to me. Sometimes it’s Simon, and sometimes it’s someone else.

Currently, I am not only back to updating Simon Says on Wattpad, but I am well on my way to completing my first book. And it’s dark, filled with mystery and thrills – all favorites.

But then again, procrastination ALWAYS wins.


And if you’re still here and reading this.
Thank you! You rock!



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Leanne, pleased to meet you on wordpress. 🙂 I am Kristina from Malta and we share the same hobby (or shall I say passion) – writing. I really like your blog and your header!

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