Top Reads of 2016!

2016 In A Nutshell.

Wow, 2016 is already come to an end – and it’s about bloody time it has!


2016 was a whirlwind. So many losses, so much tragedy, so much hate. For me, the one death that hurt me the most was George Michael’s. His music will always live on, his beautiful words still helping me to go on. #RIPGeorgeMichael you’ll be missed.

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Aside from that, 2016 was also kind off good. I am now in my final year at Uni! I graduate in a few months. Now that’s a relief.


But I haven’t written since March, not even for this blog – which I am updating exactly after a year btw. – and though it pains me, it has given me much to think about. About what I want to write, how I want to write, etc.

During this time – I mean, whenever I got a breath of relief from college – I tried to read. And well, I completed my Goodreads challenge and finished 40 books! Maybe not much, but I still did it with everything that was going on.

Top Reads of 2016!

Here are my top reads of this year.
(P.S Not all of them have been released in 2016)

10. Deer In Headlights by Staci Hart and  I am Free by Regina Bartley .

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9.  Bring Me Back and The Lies That Define Us by Micalea Smeltzer.

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8. Pushing The Limits by Brooke Cumberland.


7. Bare With Me and Bare To You by Pawnie Santana.

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6. I Can’t Die Alone by Regina Bartley and It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.

22374283-1      27362503.jpg

TOP 5!

5. All We Have by Len Webster and When Stars Collide by Micalea Smeltzer.

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All We Have was one of the most heartbreaking books I read this year. Rob and Ally’s roller coaster story held me from start to finish. Len Webster is genuinely one of the most talented authors out there.

When Stars Collide I read this as an e-book and even as a paperback! One of the most amazing brother’s best friend books out there, Micaela makes you fall in love with Xander and Thea, and her writing. ❤
P.S Aren’t both these covers absolutely GORGEOUS?!

4. The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre.


The Girl in 6E is a thriller by Alessandra Torre (Writing under the alias – A.R.Torre) that had me gripped from start to finish. It got me out of a book reading funk with its gripping and unique story line, a strong heroine, a sexy hero, and a bat shit crazy villain. A must read for mystery/thriller lovers out there!

3. Wasted Words by Staci Hart.


A romantic comedy inspired by Jane Austen’s EmmaWasted Words is another brilliant book by Staci! Trust this woman to pull off a romantic comedy with ease. This book is one of my top reads this year.
P.S Isn’t that cover is drop dead gorgeous?! ❤

*Choosing my top reads of the year was one TASK! I loved all these three books books, but I had to make the difficult choice.*

2. Replica by Regina Bartley.


Replica is one of the best books I have read this year, and Regina writes a beautiful story about love, friendship, heartbreak, but most of all, forgiveness. This was undoubtedly one of my favourite books this year, and Regina once again blew me away with her words.  The story is so well written that it doesn’t feel like its fiction, but more of reality!

And #1!

1. King by T.M. Frazier and Last Call by Staci Hart.

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I had been waiting for a while to read a dark romance novel that would live up to that it promised and kept me inquisitive to go on from the start to the end, and King was my answer.
It was a brilliantly dark and gritty novel that pushed boundaries. I love the whole dangerous aura that surrounded the characters from the start to the crazy f**king ending!
My favorite part of the book – aside from the cliffhanger – is that King was not some love sick puppy. I loved that he was so dark and so dangerous all the time.

Last Call was a brilliant end to a series that I never wanted to say goodbye to!
With A Twist (#3 in 2015) and Chaser (#4 in 2015) were two benchmarks that Staci Hart set and I am so happy that Last Call lived up to the other two books in the Bad Habits series! Last Call was my most awaited book of 2016, and I waited for this book ever since the beginning. Plus, I needed this book more than oxygen – no jokes there as Staci herself knows this.
Since this book lived up to my expectations, it just had to be my one of my favourite books of this year!

P.S My review for Last Call is the longest one I have ever written!

Once again, I had to choose two books as my top favourites since choosing just one seemed impossible.
Hence, King and Last Call are my favourite reads of 2016! ❤

Which are your favorite reads? I am curious to know!

Signing out,


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