I am a writer.

This post was originally on my other blog, but I deleted that to avoid confusion.

Writing was something I never thought I would ever – I mean ever – do my entire life. I hated to read, so writing was impossible.

Everything changed when I entered Junior College and now look at what I am today – A freaking writer! Yes, I am a writer and I love to write so, so much!

But the best way to describe what a writer does?


Pretty much.

Pros of writing: Writing has been something I have liked ever since I started in 2012, and although I have never completed a novel till date, I enjoy doing it. It gives me time to think and create my own world, and the best part of all?

I can kill anyone because hey, it’s not illegal!



Cons of writing: But one of the most annoying things about being a writer is self – doubt. Will people like this? Is my plot lame? Will I ever succeed in writing? F**k this s*it, I am moving to Hogwarts!

And then our best friend makes an appearance. He who goes by the name Procrastination.


And that my friends is what happens to me all the freaking time!


Although I wish I could write 7000 words a day, but most of the time –


And my biggest problem is that when I am bored of one plot (Which sadly happens a lot to me), I go and tell my best friend the new plot and say –


But then –


Because our best friend is back!


And then I am done for the day and ready to hit my bed, cuddle with my blanket and just fall asleep like the dead.

And as I get into bed, ready to fall asleep, PLOT TWIST!

Well, bollocks. Now, get the effin pen, I have s**t to write down!


And then I have a whole new motto.


And then I fall asleep at 5 am, because hey! I think best at night.

But the next morning when I am ready to write that novel –


And then this process repeats the next day… every.single.day.


Well, s**t.

But hey!

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.



The end.


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