Q and A for The Cave – Special Update.

Hey everyone,

So this is a special update regarding The Cave which is my new project to get highlights, teasers and insights of my projects to you.

Many of you still have questions, so I am going to try and answer them to the best of my abilities, one.more.time.


The most important question, What is The Cave?

– The Cave is a place where I will be updating parts from my WIP, secret projects, old notes and drafts, etc. and only dedicated fans will have the password to this page.

Other FAQ’s.

1. When will the cave be updated?
– no official date as of yet, but hopefully this month to celebrate SS’ second anniversary.

2. How often will it be updated?
– once in a month or once in two months.

3. What is the password?
– I have not yet revealed the password, so please don’t go and enter some random things because it might get you locked. There is nothing in the cave as of now.

4. How will we know what is the password?
– the best way is to join my street team or then subscribe to my website. Since I want to control the eyes who look into the cave – I don’t trust people – I might not broadcast it on Wattpad because of copyright and the chance of people stealing.

5. How to join your street team?
– If you have a FB account, just join here.

6. What to expect in the cave?
– New parts of my stories, old drafts and maybe even a short story.

7. What is the first thing you will put in the cave?
– I might just lock my husband up.

8. How long will the cave be accessible for?
– with each new update, it will be available only for a limited time. Most probably, a day or two.

9. Why this sudden idea?
– I want to give back my loyal fans something for all their support. This year has not been the best for me, but now that half the year is over, i want to come back with my writing and get my life back together. I am still not comfortable with Wattpad, so that is why I have taken to my site to give you my stories once again.

10. What is the official date for the first update?
– I am going to do a test run with five trusted members of my street team and as soon as they give the green signal, we are good to go. But most probably, third week to June.

I hope I got all your questions answered. If you still have any more questions, use the Contact form here for a direct email to me. I will get back to you ASAP.

Please remember that this is a tedious task which I am not compelled to do, but am yet doing for the happiness of my loyal fans.


The date to the first update will be announced soon!

Password to The Cave will be announced on the day it is updated.



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