Sneak Peek from my WIP

So, the lovely J L Beck (Author of some of my favorite books) tagged me on Facebook to do this a few days ago, so I thought would post this on here as well.

Title: [A Secret Title. Not Revealed]

Genre: Dark Romance/Erotica.

Unedited and subjected to change.

Copyright Leanne Miranda © 2015


Before I could what was happening next, the sound of a gun rang through the air and I gasped loudly.

“Who was that?!” I heard someone ask and my heart stopped beating. Holy shit, no!

“Looks we have an eavesdropper,” A husky voice said that made my knees tremble. I wanted to move, to run; but my legs were glued to the spot in fear. “Get that person here,” I heard that voice command and that was when I snapped out of my trance.

Looking away from the alley, I began running down the path as the sound of footsteps filled my ears.

“Stop!” I heard someone say, but I ran faster. I was not going to stop; no fucking way!

The sounds of the footsteps were getting closer and I kicked my feet faster – as fast as my three inch heels would take me.

I saw the main road was now close and I pushed harder. My breath was coming out in harsh pants and I could feel tears burning my vision. I gripped my purse and tried to open it to get my pepper spray out. With my fumbling, the pepper spray almost dropped and I cursed under my breath. Somehow, I managed to grab a hold of it.

Just as I reached the main road, I felt someone tackle me down onto the road harshly and I landed with a groan. My purse fell out of my hand along with the pepper spray and I cursed.


Let me know what you think!

For teasers of this project, go here.


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