Dark Fiction

Dark fiction has always been something I loved. Be it in murder mystery thrillers, crime fiction, psychological thrillers, etc. the dark world has always been a fascination.

Getting into the mind of a killer, psychopath or any dark character is always thrilling and has a completely different feel to it.

The very first dark plot I thought of was A Murder That Triggered It All. It was a darker twist to one of my other books and was set to push my emotional and thriller writing limits.

Simon Says came a few months later. This plot was a Horror and Paranormal thriller that made me fall in love with horror writing.

Almost two years later and we are in 2015. Things happened that made me shift from both my baby stories and forced me to take a complete break from writing. But now, I am back to take on the dark fiction world.

Writing a brand new dark novel with already 7K words in, I have been enjoying writing this book so much!

So I am very proud to say that I LOVE reading and writing dark novels! Hell, my favorite novel last year was a dark novel – Empathy by Ker Dukey and one of my other favorites was Indebted by J.L Beck.

So if people call you weird for liking horror, tell them that they don’t have the guts like you do! Embrace the darkness and live it!


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