My Love For Writing

No dad, I don’t want to read. I hate books! I hate reading and writing!

Can you believe that those were the words I told my dad when I was fourteen years old?

When I was a kid, I used to hate reading and writing. The maximum I read would be a 50 page book with tons of pictures. I couldn’t imagine reading a 200 page novel.

But all that changed when I entered junior college when I was 16.

After finding Wattpad, I soon started to love reading, and in October 2012, I started my very first book – even though it was a fanfiction.

From then on, I haven’t ever looked back. So I haven’t completed even one book, but writing makes me happy. It is a way of venting out my feelings and doing something I like doing – putting people through misery, haha.

Writing changed my life. It made me feel that yes, I can do something better than sit in front of a T.V all day.

I love writing, I really do. And I am a proud writer.

And although I may dislike Wattpad right now, I have to thank that site for giving me the confidence to do something I never would have in my wildest dreams.

So sometimes, do something you never would have ever thought of doing. Maybe, just maybe, you would find your passion and love?

Until next time,


 download (2)

Pretty much insane.



Two words I am waiting to write.



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